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Artificial intelligence
Synthesis of ASD scientific data

This site aims to provide every person facing autism with the information they need to blossom.

We believe that everyone has a right to rigorous, clear and personalized information.

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About us

Myelin has three major objectives


Improve the quality of

Almost 90% of parents seeking information regarding autism must rely on data found on the Internet. More than 50% of sites containing such information do not adhere to basic quality standards which can guarantee the security of its users. Some of the advice found on these sites can often lead to dangerous, sometimes fatal consequences.


Synthesize information

In the field of psychology, more than 3000 scientific articles are published daily. Focusing solely on those articles specifically pertaining to autism, the task of reading everything would represent 18 hours of reading per day. The situation is not about to get better; it is estimated that in only three years, the amount of information will double every 73 days! That is simply too much information for humans to properly process.


Facilitate access to

Scientific data is rarely free and in order to properly comprehend this data, advanced scientific knowledge is often required. It is inconceivable to require individuals faced with autism to develop an expertise of the field’s vocabulary and of the scientific method simply to consult this data.

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